Bona Fide Office Requirements-Revised Again and Partially Released-More to Come???

By: Christine V Williams on 06/15/2021

SBA Released its Checklist Guidance months and months after it required 8(a) firms–for the first time- to have a bona fide office for sole source construction contracts.  The requirements are strenuous and stretch–if not break the bank for firms trying to do simple work in another area.  These firms counted on revenue that required an investment of resources that was returned by overzealous regulations and ” well after the fact guidance.”  The provisions spurring the new regulation requirements sat dormant until about 25 years later it sprang to life.  Here are the new and for now requirements as these requirements have been a moving target since the SBA passed the regulations without guidance or Standard Operating Procedures in place.  Bona Fide Checklist – FINAL (1) (002)