Brief Summary of May 15, 2018, Senate Small Business Committee Hearing

By: Christine V. Williams on 05/16/2018

Here are some highlights from the Senate Small Business Committee hearing held on May 15, 2018.  I would urge you to listen to the full hearing (even in the background) as it addresses the disparity of opportunity for minority (I think they lump in tribes, ANCs, and NHOS here) as well as women owned businesses:

  • Chairman Risch took a very active role and highlighted the wins for small businesses.  Most senators seemed to express concerns about the burden of over-regulation in the industry.
  • Administrator McMahon was thanked for her commitment to the ignite tour.  Senator Hirono later asked for an agenda, but it was explained that such meetings had no set agenda and the Administrator explained what she does, including press, to be an advocate for small businesses in D.C.
  • Senator Cardin expressed concerns about the budget cuts and the unknown programs of SBA, as well as access to procurement and loan programs for Women Owned Small Businesses, minority owned small businesses, and other small businesses.  He highlighted the statistics that there is and has been unequal access to programs and capital.
  • Chairman Risch highlighted his work with Senator Sullivan regarding the 8(a) Program.
  • Chairman Risch invited the Administrator to the Field Hearings in Alaska.
  • Chairman Risch, as he stated, at the urging of Senator Sullivan, also posed a question to Administrator McMahon regarding 8(a) and Alaska.
  • The Administrator highlighted the importance of the 8(a) Program in Alaska and talked about Robb Wong  (AA for those programs) visiting Alaska [that was last week and a representative from Senator Sullivan’s office (Kate Wolgemuth) as well as John Klein and others were with Robb Wong].
  • The Administrator indicated she would like to finish her answer once the hearings take place.

This was a very interesting hearing and demonstrated what concerns the committee has, the priorities they seem to be setting forth, as well as the upcoming field hearings.  I would urge you to listen to the hearing (even if in the background) because it does address issues that touch on many small business concerns.   Link or paste into your browser.