Delegation of Authority Letters for Justification and Approval Memos for 8(a) Sole Source Contracts over Above $22 Million

By: Christine V. Williams on 06/21/2018

I wanted to make sure folks received these letters because they were mentioned at the National 8(a) Conference in Anchorage today.  These are the letters secured by Senator Sullivan that correctly interpret the position that the $22 M dollar 8(a) sole source award is not a cap and can be designated for the Justification and Approval Memorandum.  In short, the J&A may be signed by someone other than the agency head (designated down the command chain).  Air Force, Army, and Navy.  I f you need assistance regarding this issue, you may want to contact Kate Wolgemuth at Senator Sullivan’s office.   SMALL BUSINESS 8(a) SOLE SOURCE AWARD APPROVAL THRESHOLDS SECARMY Signed 8(a) Memo SecAF Letter to SAF_AQ on 811 Authorities