Federal Procurement Institute–American Bar Association–Traveling Show? Amazing Agenda

By: Outlook Law, LLC on 02/28/2022

The Federal Procurement Institute of the American Bar Association has an outstanding agenda (as featured below).  Such a show is not hawking wares or exotic locales, but focuses on what real issues government contractors face everyday that impact their businesses.  This year, Christine Williams, of Outlook Law, LLC, a Fellow of the American Bar Institute, has been asked to be a featured panelist.  Unfortunately, the Institute, held in Annapolis, sold out quickly, so Christine quickly went to work to make the program more accessible to more individuals and businesses at lower costs than the shiny conferences put on by non-experts.  Christine has gotten some speakers to tentatively agree either in-person, by video, or both.  So, look for it and Outlook Law will sponsor the location and coordinate but will not charge more than it is to cover the cost of the venue and not sell your name to vendors.  Here is the FPI agenda: