GAO Publishes Bid Protest Report for FY 2018

By: Christine V. Williams on 11/25/2019

The GAO published its Bid Protest Report for Fiscal Year 2018.  In its report the GAO summarizes the cases it handled and how they were resolved.  The GAO also reported on the impacts of the 35 day Government shut down as it related to bid protests.  A lot of Government contractors want to know how many cases are resolved and how they are resolved.  This report helps give insight but please recall that in a lot of cases, the agencies resolve the protest by taking corrective action before a decision is rendered. Here is an excerpt from the report:

Of the protests resolved on the merits during fiscal year 2019, our Office sustained 13 percent of those protests. Our review shows that the most prevalent reasons for sustaining protests during the 2019 fiscal year were: (1) unreasonable technical evaluation; (2) inadequate documentation of the record; (3) flawed selection decision;(4) unequal treatment; and(5) unreasonable cost or price evaluation.5 It is important to note that a significant number of protests filed with our Office do not reach a decision on the merits because agencies voluntarily take corrective action in response to the protest rather than defend the protest on the merits. Agencies need not, and do not, report any of the myriad reasons they decide to take voluntary corrective action

For the full report, click here or insert the path into your browser: 2019 Bid Protest Report