Outlook Law’s Christine Williams Appointed to Regulatory Fairness Board-Do What is Right, Not What is Easy

By: Christine V. Williams on 06/15/2018

Outlook Law is pleased to announce that SBA Administrator Linda McMahon appointed Christine V Williams, managing partner of Outlook Law, to the Regulatory Fairness Board.  This is a volunteer position and Christine finds it a singular honor to be asked to serve on behalf of small businesses.   Christine has long been an advocate for small businesses and is consistent in her approaches and representations for and of clients.

This appointment dovetails into Christine’s work on behalf of small businesses, frequently spending her own time and resources to advocate for small businesses.  Christine believes positive change comes from hard-work and dedication.  This type of dedication has earned her the distinction of being rated in the Top Five Percent of Government Contracting attorneys in the Nation by Best Lawyers.  Best Lawyers is unique in that it is peer reviewed by other government contract attorneys.  Christine is also an adjunct law professor, teaching government contracting.

Christine has taken on issues on behalf of small businesses and prevailed in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals (cert. denied by US Supreme Court) on behalf of one of the largest Native American and Alaska Native Coalitions to come together.  Numerous Senators signed a letter of support as well as a Congressman signing the brief itself in the effort led by the Native American Contractors’ Association.

Outlook Law has and will always take a consistent approach in representing clients. It may not always be the easiest approach, but it is the right one.