SBA Tribal Consultations Finish-Outlook Law Attended Each One

By: Christine V. Williams on 06/09/2018

SBA conducted a series of tribal consultations in Alaska, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  Outlook Law, LLC, in association with the Native American Contractors’ Association (NACA), held preparation sessions and attended every consultation.  The tribal consultations focused on the HUBZone and 8(a) Programs.  Outlook Law helped clients develop draft comments as well as testimony and attended every consultation in person.  In this way, when the draft regulations for these programs are put forward by SBA, Outlook Law will be in a singularly unique position to work with clients to respond to the draft regulations.  There is no substitute for being in the room during consultations.  Much is gathered from body language, people responding to different comments, as well as watching the regulators react to suggestions.  Additionally, the regulators interacted with the commenters and dialogues occurred between industry and regulators in a meaningful way.  When the draft regulations come out, and comments are going to be offered by industry, this type of attendance will inform the comments on the regulations in a meaningful way.  Outlook Law is committed to always being in the forefront of helping clients prepare for the consultations, attending the consultations, and working with clients to assist client develop comments specific to their businesses when the new regulations are put forward.  No other law firm attended all the consultations to understand the universe of comments as well as the body language and real-time interaction between industry and the regulators.