The SBA Regulations Implementing the NDAA 2013 Amendments

By: jeff on 05/31/2016

Final sweeping rules issued by the SBA were implemented today to apply provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act, which pertain to performance requirements applicable to small businesses and socioeconomic program set-aside contracts as well as small business subcontracting. It also amends the SBA’s regulations relating to the nonmanufacturer rule and affiliation rules. Finally, this rule allows a joint venture to qualify as small for any Government procurement so long as each partner to the joint venture qualifies individually as small under the size standard corresponding to the NAICS Code.

As these regulations are further publically explored and discussed including between Outlook Law (Christine Williams) and the SBA in two weeks on its upcoming regulatory panel, updates will be provided that may take this initial read out of draft form.

Ms. Williams took 60 pages of regulatory analysis and regulations and boiled it down to bullet points, which may be accessed here.