Legal Updates

SBA Tribal Consultations Finish-Outlook Law Attended Each One

By: Christine V. Williams on 06/09/2018

SBA conducted a series of tribal consultations in Alaska, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  Outlook Law, LLC, in association with the Native American Contractors' Association (NACA), held preparation sessions and attended every consultation.  The tribal consultations focused on the HUBZone and 8(a) Programs.  Outlook Law helped clients develop draft comments as well as testimony and attended every...

Piliero Mazza Attacks Common Management and Ownership Exception to Affiliations for Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, and Native Hawaiian Organization

By: Christine V. Williams on 06/09/2018

Almost a year ago, on July 19, 2017, the SBA's Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) re-affirmed the SBA regulations, derived from statute, pertaining to Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs), Tribes, and Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOs).  Specifically, in Size Appeal of Synergy Solutions, Inc., SIZ-5843, Synergy Solutions, an individually owned business, alleged, through its law firm, Piliero...

Notice in Federal Register of Tribal Consultations

By: Christine V. Williams on 05/30/2018

The Federal Register (FR) came out today announcing tribal consultations for SBA in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The FR gives locations and times, the format of the consultations, as well as an overview of what was discussed in the previous tribal consultation in Anchorage, Alaska.  SBA also stated that it will allow written comments to further supplement testimony...

Preparation Sessions for Tribal Consultations Hosted by Outlook Law, NACA, and NCAI-ED

By: Christine V. Williams on 05/24/2018

The Native American Contractors Association and Outlook Law, LLC, in conjunction with NCAI-ED, are hosting preparation sessions for the tribal consultations. The Federal Register for locations and dates for the tribal consultations is on the Outlook Law website and was attached to a previous email.  Here is that link. ...

Tribal Consultations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Albuquerque, New Mexico

By: Christine V. Williams on 05/17/2018

SBA announced tribal consultations in Albuquerque, NM, and Oklahoma City, OK, on Thursday, June 7, and Friday June 8, 2018, respectively.  Native American Contractors' Association (NACA), National Congress of American Indians-ED (NCAI-ED), and Outlook Law are working together for a preparation session for the tribal consultations at these locations as well as prior to the consultations. NACA...

Brief Summary of May 15, 2018, Senate Small Business Committee Hearing

By: Christine V. Williams on 05/16/2018

Here are some highlights from the Senate Small Business Committee hearing held on May 15, 2018.  I would urge you to listen to the full hearing (even in the background) as it addresses the disparity of opportunity for minority (I think they lump in tribes, ANCs, and NHOS here) as well as women owned businesses: Chairman Risch took a very active role and highlighted the wins for small...

Senate Small Business Committee Field Hearings-Alaska June 29, 2018

By: Christine V. Williams on 05/15/2018

The Senate Small Business Committee is going to hold field hearings in Alaska on June 29, 2018, in Anchorage, Alaska.  Likely to occur in the afternoon.  This is a preliminary announcement subject to some change. Chairman of the Committee, Senator James Risch, is scheduled to travel at this time with Senator Sullivan in visiting Alaska and conducting the hearings.  Likely, although...

Entity-Owned Firms: Supplemental Documents for 8(a) in Certify

By: Christine V. Williams on 05/10/2018

SBA released today the entity-owned firms supplemental document form for 8(a) certification.  That form can be found from this link. Entity-Owned Firms: Supplemental Documents for 8(a) in Certify

Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs-Native Americans and Alaska Natives

By: Christine V. Williams on 05/05/2018

As the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) in the Department of Labor  (DOL) has recently clarified its audit process for Federal contractors (for that information, please click here: ), there is also a reminder that Native Americans and Alaska Natives have an office within OFCCP that was designed to assist in employment rights of Native Americans...

GAO-Bid Protests-Electronic Filing Only and a Protest Fee

By: Christine V. Williams on 04/07/2018

The GAO, after introducing a draft rule in 2016, pursuant to a law passed by Congress in 2014, has done two things (1)  gone to an electronic only bid protest system and (2) instituted a $350.00 filing fee.  The  electronic only filing system does not apply to classified materials or to materials that are not suitable for electronic filing.  The final rule is effective May 1, 2018.  Here is...